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Facts to Know About Motorbike Racing

Are you looking forward to immersing yourself in motorbike racing? Whether you are planning for the upcoming season or it’s just one of your many plans, motorbike racing might seem daunting. Here are some facts to know before taking to the start line.

You Need to Work on Your Fitness

It is always essential to be fit and strong before embarking on motorbike racing. Even though some bikers might argue that fitness does not play a significant role, you should at least be able to handle the bike.

You Do Not Need the Best Equipment

Most manufacturers make prospective racers believe that they need the best equipment to stand a chance of winning a race. Even though this could be true, you can also win with a simple bike, provided you are fit and tactically astute.

You Can Easily Find Racing Events

This might sound obvious, but it might be a daunting task if you do not know where to look. Just like in online gambling, where slots fans get all manner of incentives from sites such as, you can easily find an event when you subscribe to a race-oriented club or website. Most sites have an ‘events’ section, with several filters, to help you narrow down your search.

You Do Not Have to Break the Bank

Motorbike racing events are cheaper to enter than most sporting events. Both closed-circuit events and road races cost a few pounds (£15 to £30). Two hours of racing time at such an amount is undoubtedly good value for money.

You Have to Prepare

Like with any sport, you should be ready to put in some effort. While training, do not just focus on putting in long hours; make your motorbike sessions intense. At least six hours of training every week should be enough to get your fitness up to the required levels.

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