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MotoGP Riders’ Mistakes

MotoGP is undoubtedly the hallmark of motorbike racing. You do not expect a rider at this stage to make some mistakes, but they do. And when there are mistakes at this stage, they tend to be quite bizarre. That said, here are some notable cock-ups witnessed in MotoGP over the last seasons.

Jorge Lorenzo’s Concentration Lapse

When Jorge Lorenzo got to the Circuit of the Americas in 2014, he was highly regarded for his fault-free riding. During this event, unfortunately, Lorenzo jumped in early. Even though jump-starts are quite common, Lorenzo went out too early, which meant that his hope of collecting big points was now gone. Concentration is key, not just in motorsport, but also in casino games at as it plays a key role in increasing a player’s chances of winning.

Marc Marquez Hits the Wall

Mark Marquez considers “hitting the wall” in 2015 as a career-defining moment. This was after crashing out twice in two races that cost him the chance of winning the championship. This series of unfortunate events came after winning two titles in a row. Not aware of the importance of accumulating points, his objective of either getting a victory or crashing out cost him significantly.

Alex Mugello Hits No Points

After starting from the twelfth spot in 2015 at Mugello, Aleix Espargaro saw the Aprilia rider get no point for the first time. This poor display began when he made a false start only to retire in the gravel. Despite a decent showing, this was the first time he had to settle with a DNF. However, the Italian rider picked out some lessons from his experience.

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